Case 9: Bizarre Symptoms,
Stumped Doctors &
the Hidden Diagnosis 

This is an interesting case and one that went undetected for over two years.

As many of you know, we conduct phone consultations with patients throughout the USA and abroad. This happens to be one of my (Dr. Grisanti) phone consultations with a patient by the name of Nick.

Nick is a 50 year old white male employed as a police officer weighing in at 145 pounds at a height of 5'8. I need to mention that Nick had lost a considerable amount of weight from the initial onset of his health crisis. This was only one of his health concerns.

When Nick initially consulted with me, he was suffering with the following symptoms:

  • Severe fatigue

  • Loss of drive, motivation and stamina

  • Internal hemorrhoids

  • Aching sensation in the lower gut

  • Constant dull ache on the left side of the lower gut

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Hiatel hernia

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Gastritis

  • GERD

Over the two year period, Nick consulted with four medical physicians including a gastroenterologist. In addition, to lab and stool testing (only one sample was tested) he had unremarkable chest x-rays, flexible sigmoidoscopy  and colonoscopy. A CT of the abdomen did reveal fatty infiltration of the liver.

Nick was informed that his labs were essentially normal and was diagnosed with IBS, GERD and gastritis.

Over the course of the two years he was prescribed:

  • Prevacid: stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, erosive esophagitis and heartburn (GERD)

  • Levbid: antispasmodic medication given to help treat various stomach, intestinal, and urinary tract disorders that involve cramps, colic, or other painful muscle contractions)

  • Colace: stool softener

  • Equalactin: laxative

  • Nortriptyline: tricyclic antidepressant

  • Xanax: anxiety

  • Prednisone: a steroid medication

I need to mention that Nick had none of the above symptoms prior to 2005.

When Nick and I first talked on the phone he was frantic and of course very concerned. Remember, he was seen by four separate physicians and they all were unable to give him a logical reason for his illness.

As always, with the majority of my cases, I have the patient complete a detailed medical history and I request ALL medical records pertinent to his/her illness.

Based on my review of Nick's medicals, I immediately noticed an omnious shift of his neutrophils and lymphocytes. Note his findings from his medical records in yellow (see below grid). From August 4, 2005 to December 21, 2005 his neutrophils gradually increased from 65 to 76.2 and his lymphocytes decreased from 24.4 to 16.6. Unfortunately, this was NOT picked up by any of his physicians.

NOTE: Most traditional medical physicians not trained in functional/nutritional medicine commonly would not see this trend due to the fact that they are basing there clinical decision making on the CLINICAL RANGE and not the OPTIMAL RANGE.

In addition to these findings, I found it disturbing that none of his physicians discussed his elevated CRP at 6.5.


After careful review of his medical questionnaire and review of his medical records, I felt that many of his symptoms were LINKED and had a common etiology. What that common etiology was will soon to be shared with you.

Instead of treating each of his symptoms separately like had already been done and would have continued to be done, the question that ran through my mind over and over again was:

What was the common thread that had led to Nick's failing health?

I was convinced that Nick had a compromised liver function and was infected with some pathogen, but I did not have the proof yet..

So with that in mind, I decided to order a comprehensive digestive stool profile. This was done to rule out an intestinal pathogen.


Findings: Although a pseudomonas is not usually considered a pathogen, in high numbers, it may potentially lead to GI distress and/or systemic infection

In addition, I ordered a Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates (UBAS) test.



Findings: The elevated UBAS confirmed my suspicions that Nick's liver function was in a compromised state.

In addition to the above, I insisted that Nick have his office evaluated for mold.

Let me back up.. you see during our consultation, Nick informed me that he felt worse when at work and improved when at home. This little piece of the puzzle prompted me to ask more detailed questions about Nick's work and lo and behold he told me about a "little" mold problem his place of work was having. Of course no one gave a second thought to it and it went ignored for a number of years. Upon my insistence and Nick's persistence, a comprehensive mold evaluation was ordered.

Here are the results:


Findings: The mold ascospores and aspergillus are a potential toxigenic.

With this information in hand, I was able to come to a logical sequence of events as it related to Nick's declining health.

#1: It likely started with the increasing environmental challenge of the toxigenic mold ascospores and aspergillus.

#2: It is well documented that chemical exposure, fungal, bacterial and parasitic pathogens can compromise the gut lining.

#3: This will lead to increase load on liver function. (This was confirmed via the elevated UBAS test)

#4: It is also well known that one-third of rectal veins travel to the liver via the portal venous system. If pressure in the portal vein rises from liver congestion due to bacterial, fungal, parasitic pathogens, increased blood volume and pressure may dilate rectal veins to the extent that internal and external hemorrhoids are created.

#5: Due to the increase load on the immune system, cortisol production may increase leading to a hyperexcitable state (anxiety). This is confirmed in the below cortisol evalation.


#6: Testing of Nick's Secretory IgA (see below) revealed one abnormal finding with high normals. This was another confirmatory test revealing that his gut was at "war" with something. And that something happened to be the toxigenic mold ascospores and aspergillus and the intestinal pseudomonas.


So you may thinking what did I recommend.

Well here is the short of it.

#1: I had Nick move to another office while they tore down the walls of his office (By the way, you would have been shocked with what they found behind the walls)

#2: I had him purchase a Hepa Filter just in case.

#3: I had him start on a proteolytic enzyme to calm down the intestinal inflammation.

#4: Had him increase his water consumption and steamed vegetables and also added a specific herbal supplementation to support his liver function.

#5: Prescribed Phosphorylated Serine to down-regulate his cortisol levels.

#6: Prescribed a protocol to rehabilitate his gut.

As I said above, this was the short of it. There is more to the above protocol but my point is to show you that treating the "cause" is the key.

Unfortunately,  most health care practioners would commonly treat each of the above symptoms with something "natural" thinking they are helping the patient. However, this approach is no different than the traditional medical approach. Yes, it may be natural, but the underlying cause is still overlooked and the symptoms would persist.

By doing some detective work you will soon discover that many cases can be solved. But first it is essential to change your paradigm and begin asking what is the common LINK that is causing your patient's XYZ health problems.

Well, let me give you an update on Nick!!

He is doing excellent! Everyone of his symptoms are GONE!

He is off all his meds and has been transformed (that is his words).

Take a look at his May 17, 2006 lab test above. I am always amazed with the power of functional diagnostic medicine.

We have in our hands the ability to OWN this form of healthcare and I plan to do my very best to help as many doctors master it.

I hope you enjoyed another case from our archives.


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