The Mucosal Barrier -
An Explanatory Video

Click the play button below and turn up your speakers to watch a powerful video on something called the Mucosal Barrier.

The mucosal barrier is found in the small intestines, lung, sinuses, urinary tract etc.. and has many functions but for this report, we are only going to discuss two.

First, the Mucosal Barrier acts a protective barrier preventing "toxins" from entering the circulation. These toxins can be anything from viruses, bacteria, chemical exposures, food sensitivities and a bunch more.

In the above video, the big "orange" ones represent the bad guys.. Medically they are called "antigens".. Viruses, bacteria, undigested protein, chemicals are all considered antigens.. The "small ones" above represent the "good guys".. nutrients, minerals, amino acids and everything that is GOOD that SHOULD enter the circulation.

Now as long as your mucosal barrier is healthy.. the bad guys should stay out and the good guys are allowed into the circulation to supply nutrients to the cell.

With us??

The first part of the above video represents the ideal..

Simply put.. Healthy mucosa allows nutrients to pass the barrier while blocking the entry of toxins..

Mucosal Damage

The second half of the video shows what happens when the barrier is damaged. Not only are the "bad guys (antigens) sneaking into the blood (circulation) but the nutrients (good guys) are blocked, not able to get into the blood and feed the cell.

Now something bad will happen when the above occurs...You will have something called an antibody-antigen reaction...This means that the "bad guys" (antigens) are in battle with the "antibodies" (soldiers of the immune system)

Is this making sense??

Abnormalities of the immune or mechanical barriers leads to an inflammatory cascade of events. Now think about this.. if the cell is not "fed" no wonder you are fatigued.. The mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) is damaged..

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